Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Notes, May 2016

Please watch our inventory as we hope to add Ecologically Grown Asparagus Tips and Onion Scapes a few days prior to the close of the order period. Ordinarily it is difficult to predict asparagus supply due to temperature and moisture circumstances in our extreme climate growing zone. While our yield records aid harvest predictions our Asparagus and onions dug up in error and decimated by about 95 percent in 2015 lowering our supply while completing a masters in agriculture. In the meantime, after determining asparagus crown losses we are ordering more to replant.

We are also growing more annual produce we plan to add to our produce inventory in early to mid summer. We will also be adding a few buffalo skulls and pruned fruit wood that are chipped and placed in compostable burlap bags from our farm.

We appreciate relationships with our customers!

Kathy Anichini – Moore

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2 thoughts on “Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Notes, May 2016

  1. Lynette Locatelli

    HI Kathy…

    2 more Salads in a jar…coming up and I will invite you…on FB 5/15 at a home in Sayre OK and on 5/23 at the Cheyenne Library if you can make one of them! I want to get to your farm one day. Been so darn busy with turkey hunters…and salad in a jar parties….it is all good though..


  2. Hi Lynette,

    Sounds great! Unfortunately with a decision to gear up produce production and fix what was broken on the farm in 2014 by others after a farm tour I won’t have much time to do anything except work on the farm. I wish you great sales and please stay in touch!
    Thanks for the invitation too!

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