About Us

Kathy Moore in Red TruckKathy Moore owns Anichini-Moore Ranch & FarmClick here for my bio. My primary focus is preserving wildlife habitat, and rebuilding soil and water holding capacity by recycling grass, leaves, paper, cardboard, and other natural materials otherwise destined for the local landfill. Part of my farm mission is to restore soil  (health) as well as to produce foods with increasing nutritional food density although I’m not a health foods expert. 
We concentrate on raising heritage animals and plants, heirloom fruits and vegetables, and education. We have heritage grass fed or pastured lamb; meat is sold by the breed, Finn, Lincoln, Shetland and their crosses.  I have lots of processed wool roving from Wooly Knob in Indiana, they use organic products.  And, I have a over 100 raw fleeces.
We also have heritage grass fed or pastured pork from critically endangered Large Black Pigs also known as Large Black Hogs.
I have planted Japanese purple sweet potatoes, fingerlings, with purple skin and meat to experiment with.The Japanese sweet potatoes, rhubarb, berries, garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes etc. have therapeutic properties such as tremendous antioxidants to combat disease and/or ensure wellness. 
I’m a founding partner of the Oklahoma Composting Council.  We write articles advocating for recycling organic materials, composting or mulching and guest lecture. I’ am also available as a speaker,  if interested please contact me for further details.
Check us out on the Oklahoma Tourism website.  We sell our products through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, farmers markets and direct sales. 

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. patricia seraphin

    Hello Ms. Moore:
    First, I would like to establish that I am a baby vegan (newbie), but my family still enjoy eating meat. In an effort to be both a conscious eater and to move far away from factory farmed products, I joined the OKC-Food Coop. This month, April I will receive my first order. I want to free comfortable about my decision to purchase your products and the other farmers product from the Coop. my question is… how do I build confidence purchasing from your farm and the other Coop farmers? I want to be an intellect shopper. Do I visit your farm? Do I make contact with you and other at the farmers’ market? Please, if possible provide me with some guidelines. Sincerely; Patricia Seraphin

  2. lynette locatelli

    HI Kathy…I clicked on products to see what is available and pricing. We are now back in OK

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