Reduce Irrigation Demand by Composting

Harvard’s use of compost on-campus has reduced
irrigation demand by 30%
. Read New York Times article here>

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Compost to Keep OK Beautiful

The Oklahoma Composting Council has great news! You can Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and save money when you “harvest” or recycle yard “waste” instead of bagging and storing bags curbside for the customary trip to the land fill.  This means fewer plastic bags to buy, less waste, less litter and less pollution! When you "harvest” or recycle green wastes such as lawn clippings, leaves, and other organic debris you can make compost or mulch and begin growing most of your own food or you can start community or school gardens.  And, you increase water storage and sequester carbon in your soil.  Soils with organic matter naturally have more plant available nutrients, and water holding capacity that help eliminate erosion, sediments and pollutants in our streams and surface waters. Diverting organic debris from landfills to grow more local foods provides exercise, food security, biodiversity, appreciation of our natural surroundings, and builds relationships as well as supporting and improving public health, local economies and provides opportunities for Agritourism. For additional resources see:  www.//, Backyard Composting in Oklahoma;; www.compostingcouncil ; and (Oklahoma Composting Council)

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