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Producer Notes, April 2010

     We’ve been busy this month!  We attended a Women in Agriculture Educators Conference, helped write a grant, and are now busy planting more heritage fruits such as NewTown Pippin, Fugi, and Gravenstein apples, Eversweet strawberries, and various varieties of cherries, apricots, peaches and persimmons.
     Watch for last minute additions of our ecologically grown rhubarb and asparagus.  (We use only natural products and methodologies.) Asparagus just started nosing out of the ground yesterday, later than last year by three weeks.  Not sure how much we will have available. So if you are interested, place your order now, call 823-8295 or email: Lamb and pork available, too!

     We love you, our customers and treasure our relationship!  Thank you all for your business and for supporting our ranch & farm!

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February Producer Notes

     We love recycling!  Presently our farm is working on more composting plans including writing business plans,  helping to write grants for on farm composting equipment, and building new public/private collaborations related to composting.  In the process, we have reconnected to old friends we’d lost touch with, a pleasant bonus!

     Since we have several recycling/composting meetings scheduled in OKC on Friday, March 5th and our Coop’s Annual Meeting is on the 6th, we will not be preparing lamb as we’d planned in January.  Instead, Sequoia, my 16 year old grand-daughter plans to make 3 carrot cakes while I’m in OKC attending meetings.  So please forgive us for not bringing a dish prepared with our pastured heritage lamb breeds and/or pork from our Large Black Pigs!
     Speaking of meat, we still have pastured lamb and pork stock in our freezers.  With your help we plan to sell out this month with even lower prices! Our plan is to empty our freezers so we can have more processed at our local family owned farm processor, Ray’s Meats and Processing.  We anticipate everyone benefitting from the new vaccuum packaging! 
      We also have plenty of roving or wool from Shetland, Finn or their crosses for hand spinners available.
      In addition to our farm site,, please check out our new recycling site,  New information is posted regularly on these websites by another great collaborator, Wanda DeBruler ( 
     We appreciate your support and for being our customers!  We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting!

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February Producer Notes

Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm continues sale prices until all stock of lamb and pork is sold out!  Come spring, our freezers will be stocked with vacuum packed pastured lamb, pork, and beef. Starting in 2010 our logo will be on all packaging. Thanks to Coop’s own Sarah Naylor for the beautifully designed logo!


The month of January has been busy. We’ve attended and spoken at two conferences. Hope to meet everyone personally at the Coop Annual Meeting!
Spring is just a few months away. We’re planning our crops for the each season now. Do you have a particular specialty crop you want? Let us know. We especially love crops with long storage life.


Finally, livestock producers or those thinking about becoming producers plan to attend “A Low Stress Stockmanship School” with Richard McConnell & Tina Williams in Muskogee, OK on February 19-20, 2010. Hours are 2pm to 6pm on Friday & 9am to 5pm on Saturday.  Lunch is included in registration.  General Registration is $25; OK Farmers & Rancher’s Association member registration is $15.  Register by calling or e-mailing Linda Marshall.  918/483-8872 or
Thank you for your business!  It’s most appreciated!
Kathy Moore, Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm

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January 2010 Producer Notes

For the New Year, we’ve lowered our prices for Large Black Pig ground pork and several other cuts.  We plan to have more lamb, pork, beef, and buffalo processed at our local processor, Rays Meats and Processing.  Rays recently installed vacuum packaging!
Sometime this month we plan to have a meeting in Woodward, Compost for Food. We presently use a drop off and/or pick up method for organic debris, leaves, grass, old straw and some food waste to compost and/or mulch on our ranch/farm to rebuild soil, water holding capacity and farm size or micro ecosystems that we also combine with growing local foods organically. We advertise in the Penny News (Compost for Food;, and word of mouth. 

To expand our 2010 efforts, we are:

  • Working on a new strategy to start a community supported agriculture system (CSA – subscription food system) that offers a membership category discounting purchase of weekly farm grown foods to those participating in recycling their organic debris/wastes to the farm. The CSA model has application for a mobile farmers market in conjunction with making subscription membership deliveries especially for seniors, and people residing in food deserts or without transportation.
  • Exploring building hoop houses to extend our growing season and are in discussions to collaborate with others.  
  • Preparing to present at two conferences about how we are using the waste stream to rebuild our ranch/farm soil and water storage capacity.

    We hope to see you all at the Coop’s annual meeting!
    Kathy Moore, Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm

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September News

           Fall is always busy around the ranch/farm, but, September seemed to be busier than ever!  In addition to getting ready to plant fall crops, we attended the Slow Money Conference in Santa Fe with several other Coop members and had the opportunity to meet others across our country engaged in similar advocacy and farming efforts.  We are so glad another Coop member talked us into going!  We carpooled and shared rooms and had a wonderful time together sharing time, ideas and learning opportunities!  We’re hoping we can do another conference together soon!
            We also attended the meeting with Secretary Vilsack in El Reno to hear him speak about the new rural and small farm focus and outreach by the USDA.  A big crowd showed up from across the state including several people from the Coop.  It was good to see so many people interested in sustainable farming!
            Last week we spoke to the 105 Culinary School students about growing produce organically and composting.  We included information about the OK Composting Council, OK Food Cooperative and OK Sustainability Network.  The visit was great fun and an exciting opportunity to connect to people (students and teachers) who share so much in common with us!   We also had a couple of meetings in Edmond about a possible future composting project.
            We are collaborating with others to help raise awareness about some policy issues associated with developing a mobile farmers market in our region that would deliver farm products to several counties.  And, we are working on two presentations for January seminars about diverting yard waste and other organics from landfills to farms and backyards to compost and grow more local foods.
            In between all of our volunteer and advocacy activities, we are planting garlic and three types of onions with more varieties ordered. 
            Mostly these notes are to thank all of you for your support, ideas, help, and encouragement!  Your "nourishment" inspires us to grow and do more!  A special thank you goes to friend and fellow advocate, Wanda, for developing our website, new business cards, labels, and more; to Sarah who designed our new farm logo; and to Calley, professional photographer and friend, who took pictures of our farm and wants to take more pictures this coming spring!
            As always, we welcome and encourage your e-mails, phone calls, and ideas!

Kathy Moore; Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm;

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Community Forum w/US Secretary of AG Tom Vilsack

You are invited to a Community Forum with United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in El Reno, Oklahoma on September 16, 2009. Secretary Vilsack is leading the Obama Administration’s Rural Tour – which is an opportunity to discuss the efforts by the Obama Administration to rebuild and revitalize rural America.
At each stop on the Rural Tour, Secretary Vilsack has been listening to local residents about how USDA can assist them, and discussing solutions to the challenges facing their communities.  So please bring your thoughts, ideas and questions.  Your input and participation would be greatly appreciated.
Time and Place:
9:30 to10:45 am, Wednesday, September 16
Redlands Community College
Ray Porter Complex
Conference Center-1st floor

1300 South Country Club Road
El Reno, Oklahoma

Doors Open at 8:45 am – seating is first come, first served
There is no ticket or RSVP needed for this event.  If you have any questions, you may email or call 877-85-RURAL; 877-85-78725.
Be sure to check out their website WWW.RURALTOUR.GOV and share your thoughts and ideas about the tour and rural America.
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