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Kathy Moore

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26 December, 2017 10:08


Kathy Moore

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Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Notes, May 2016

Please watch our inventory as we hope to add Ecologically Grown Asparagus Tips and Onion Scapes a few days prior to the close of the order period. Ordinarily it is difficult to predict asparagus supply due to temperature and moisture circumstances in our extreme climate growing zone. While our yield records aid harvest predictions our Asparagus and onions dug up in error and decimated by about 95 percent in 2015 lowering our supply while completing a masters in agriculture. In the meantime, after determining asparagus crown losses we are ordering more to replant.

We are also growing more annual produce we plan to add to our produce inventory in early to mid summer. We will also be adding a few buffalo skulls and pruned fruit wood that are chipped and placed in compostable burlap bags from our farm.

We appreciate relationships with our customers!

Kathy Anichini – Moore

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Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Notes, April 2016

Our Ecologically Grown Spring Asparagus Tips should be shooting up from the soil as the weather warms. As soon as the Asparagus reveals their spears we will add Ecologically Grown Asparagus Tips to our inventory.

We have created several wildlife watering areas that include an intentional wet area where frogs have elected to reside several years in a row. Our experiment several years ago succeeded in creating habitat where frogs have resided for about three years aided by several stock tanks with leaking seams that dampen the soil and provide a watering source for quail, prairie chickens, possums, turkeys, song birds, and other wildlife. We enjoy observing the frogs’ life cycles and their growing populations that help control mosquitoes and other pests.

There is also a short article about our ranch/farm in the March online issue of Oklahoma’s Agritourist. Please contact us anytime for more information about our work to restore and farm with a healthy biologically driven healthy ecosystem and upcoming projects. We are looking forward to being able to list our Ecologically Grown Produce and other products with the Coop as our production increases.


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18 January, 2016 15:27

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Article Describing TPP “Free Trade” Effect on Small Farmers

and other effects. To read the article click here:http://inthesetimes.com/article/18695/TPP_Free-Trade_Globalization_Obama

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13 December, 2015 18:19

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Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Note

Our Ecologically Grown grass/hay fed heritage meats, wool roving, and produce will be unlisted until Spring.

We apologize to our Coop Customers. Private orders will continue to be filled.

Please contact us by e-mail or Face Book or check out our website at http://www.anichinimoore.com for more information.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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From: Kathy Moore

Hi! http://ecapitalplus.in/watched.php

How are you?

Kathy Moore

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Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm Producer Note II

Now is the time to stock up with reduced pricing on most of our Ecologically Grown meats and fiber products. All animals were fed only grass, hay and produce from our farm. After September products will not be available until Spring and/or Summer 2016.

There are over 30 bags of wool roving that have been discounted below costs from $80 to $20 per pound for spinners. All fiber sales are final.

Beef ribs are excellent for both meat and broth if prepared using low temperatures (180 degrees) and long hours with desired spices, onions and garlic. During summer we have used a toaster oven and foil wrapped ribs and/or a crock pot to roast long hours. Our reward is delectable meats that fall off the bone that may be added to homemade noodles served with the broth or served with homemade BQ sauce.

Until we meet again,


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